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Liberating America’s secret, for-pay laws

Cory Doctorow says: “This morning, I found a an enormous, 30Lb box waiting for me at my post-office box. Affixed to it was a sticker warning me that by accepting this box into my possession, I was making myself liable for nearly $11 million in damages. The box was full of paper, and printed on the paper were US laws — laws that no one is allowed to publish or distribute without permission. Carl Malamud, Boing Boing’s favorite rogue archivist, is the guy who sent me this glorious box of weird. I was expecting it, because he asked me in advance if I minded being one of the 25 entities who’d receive this law-bomb on deposit. I was only too glad to accept — on the condition that Carl write us a guest editorial explaining what this was all about. He was true to his word.”

  • Liberating America’s secret, for-pay laws, By Carl Malamud, boingboing (Mar 19, 2012).

    Boing Boing Official Guest Memorandum of Law
    To: 	The Standards People
    Cc: 	The Rest of Us People
    From: 	Carl Malamud, Public.Resource.Org
    In Re: 	Our Right to Replicate the Law Without a License
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