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Won’t Get Fooled Again: Day 29

Just about at the first full month of the Obama regime. Interesting how there is still no official version of the economic stimulus bill available yet. The best we can do, it seems, is the text in the Congressional Record of the conference report.

Looks like we are going to need to do better if this administration promises to follow-up with other blockbuster proposals. Don’t get me wrong, I understand fully that the publishing of the public laws is really a joint effort between the legislative and executive branches, with GPO and NARA holding the first chairs of responsibility. And I also understand that prior to the Senate vote they were still going off hand written changes to the conference report.

I’m just saying….

See you Day 30..

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  1. jrjacobs says:

    too true. perhaps someone in Congress needs a Book Ripper :-)

    Seriously though, have you checked out the new side-by-side bill comparison from Govtrack.us? pretty cool tool! Way to go govtrack.us!!

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