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Carl Malamud on “All The Government’s Information”

Here is another video for your “lunchtime listen.”

All The Government’s Information, Carl Malamud, A Google Tech Talk, (51 min video) May 24, 2006.

Carl Malamud was instrumental in getting the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to make its data available through the EDGAR database. In this “Tech Talk” at Google headquarters, he talks about putting SEC data on the web, the Smithsonian/Showtime deal, disappearing information and much more.

Carl’s latest goal is to put video of Congressional Hearings online. He’s succeeding. See: Welcome to Report to the Congress: Congressional Hearings Online and Hi-res video from hearings now available.

Carl says, “As an individual you can actually change the way government does things… Sometimes it is hard, sometimes they really don’t want to do it and they go kicking and screaming, but that’s kind of the business I’ve been in for the last ten years.” Wouldn’t it be nice if libraries pushed government as hard as Carl does?

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