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New Podcast Directory Entry: Smithsonian Institution

A reader recently left a comment on our Government Podcasts Directory informing us about the Spotlight on Science podcast from the Smithsonian Institution. This led us to the Smithsonian Institute podcast portal at http://www.si.edu/podcasts/. According to the 2007-2008 US Government Manual, the Smithsonian Institution is a quasi-official agency of the US Government and so fits our critera of a federal agency.

The podcast portal page has a wide variety of podcasted programs, including:

Interestingly, the Spotlight on Science that we were originally pointed to isn’t listed on the portal page. That may be because its last podcast appears to have been from April 2007.

If you know of a federal, state or local government podcast that isn’t listed in our directory at http://freegovinfo.info/node/174, please leave a comment on the directory page, or here, or send an e-mail to admin AT freegovinfo.info.