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International Polar Year March 2007-March 2009

International Polar Year

Thanks to advances in global telecommunications technologies, people worldwide have a rare opportunity to follow, and sometimes even participate in, Arctic and Antarctic research and exploration as part of the International Polar Year (IPY), a global scientific campaign which began in March 2007. IPY promises to advance our understanding of how the Earth’s remote polar regions affect global climate systems, to bring about fundamental advances in many areas of science, and to fire the enthusiasm of young men and women for careers in science and engineering.

The Polar Year actually will extend from March 1, 2007, until March 1, 2009, to allow researchers to conduct two annual observing cycles in each region, particularly in isolated areas that are prohibitively cold and dark for roughly six months of the year.

The USGS Educational Resources Index for IPY lets you explore a variety of USGS resources on polar research, from maps and fact sheets to photographs and databases. Designed for researchers, students, teachers and others interested in research and findings related to polar science, this index contains more than 65 different resources. Check it out at USGS/IPY, and keep checking for updates. For more information, contact Robert Ridky at (703) 648-4713 or rridky@usgs.gov.