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National Wetlands Research Center Library

Welcome to the National Wetlands Research Center Library:

Not Just Another Library — A Special Library: Fact Sheet (FS) 2007-3028 provides information to visitors and other external users of the National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC) library. Libraries are grouped into four major types: public, school, academic, and special. The NWRC library is classified as special because it is sponsored by the Federal government, and the collections focus on a specific subject. The NWRC library is the only USGS library dedicated to wetland science, and its collections include subject specialties in forested wetland ecology, fire science, spatial analysis, remote sensing, modeling, statistical analysis, marsh and coastal prairie management and restoration, plant communities, habitats, aquatic ecosystems, climate change, wetland loss, hurricanes, nutrient dynamics, and limnology. Editing, design, layout, and Web posting of this FS were provided by staff of the Lafayette and Denver PSCs.

NWRC Fact Sheet