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Budget for FEMA flood maps slashed

Oh come on! ProPublica has a story out today “As Need for New Flood Maps Rises, Congress and Obama Cut Funding”. This shows the absolute — not to mention dangerous — idiocy of our Federal legislators’ feverish obsession with cutting the US budget. People, please, the US budget deficit is under control and shrinking faster than the CBO originally estimated. Meanwhile, our public infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes — another bridge collapsed a few days ago, this time in WA — and our emergency preparedness is in dire need of being updated. This is not the time for austerity (see Krugman, “How the Case for Austerity Has Crumbled.”).

The maps, drawn by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, dictate the monthly premiums millions of American households pay for flood insurance. They are also designed to give homeowners and buyers the latest understanding of how likely their communities are to flood.

The government’s response to the rising need for accurate maps? It’s slashed funding for them.

Congress has cut funding for updating flood maps by more than half since 2010, from $221 million down to $100 million this year. And the president’s latest budget request would slash funding for mapping even further to $84 million — a drop of 62 percent over the last four years.

In a little-noticed written response to questions from a congressional hearing, FEMA estimated the cuts would delay its map program by three to five years. The program “will continue to make progress, but more homeowners will rely on flood hazard maps that are not current,” FEMA wrote.

The cuts have slowed efforts to update flood maps across the country.

In New England, for instance, FEMA is updating coastal maps but has put off updating many flood maps along the region’s rivers, said Kerry Bogdan, a senior engineer with FEMA’s floodplain mapping program in Boston.

“Unfortunately, without the money to do it, we’re limited and our hands are kind of tied,” she said.

Many of the flood maps in Vermont — including areas near Lake Champlain that have recently flooded — are decades out of date. “There are definitely communities that really need that data,” said Ned Swanberg, the flood hazard mapping coordinator with Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

Hurricane Irene: Listen to Live Online Stream 24×7 From First Responders From Throughout Region + FEMA Daily Update

Here’s a post we just put up that offers a brief overview to a directory where you can listen live to first responders (police, fire, ems). The directory is free to use and the streams are free to access.

Of course, not every county or city has a feed but, for the most part the I-95 corridor is well represented.

Also, the directory is always online (not just a storm resource) and is national in scope. From the Juneau Police Dept. to the Pinellas County Fire and EMS and many other locations.


A second post points out the fact that the FEMA National Situation Daily update is available online (can also be of use after the event) as well as a number of mobile tools from the National Hurricane Center including an option to be alerted to new updates via email or text.

Reference: Hurricane Irene: FEMA's National Situation Daily Update & Natl. Hurricane Center Mobile


You can always listen live to most major airport towers and centers in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere.

and finally, the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor Twitter Stream and Amtrak (National) on Facebook.