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Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean


Document of the day: the Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean by The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA). The yearbook is available as a free PDF download and free Excel files. See also Statistical databases and indicators of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean of ECLAC presents a set of basic statistics on the economic, sociodemographic and environmental situation of the region during a specific time period. This information is part of the statistics available in CEPALSTAT, the statistical databases and publications portal of ECLAC.

This edition of the Yearbook includes information available up to mid-December 2013. A new feature this year is the inclusion of regional profiles giving an overview of each area. These offer the reader a thematic regional snapshot with a selected set of indicators.

The extension of the data series that can be downloaded in Excel format varies depending on the thematic area on each indicator or statistic. The document can also be fully downloaded in PDF format.

Latin American Government Documents Archive

The Latin American Network Information Center, part of the University of Texas at Austin library has been archiving Latin American government publications and websites since 2005. The center currently archives over 300 websites quarterly and provides access to the collection from their main portal on the LANIC website.

LANIC was an early pilot partner of the Archive-It web archiving service (part of Internet Archive) and serves as an important example of the need to preserve at risk born digital content by web archiving.

Prior to archiving websites, LANIC collected Latin American Government publications in print or printed out the early websites. Neither practice could be sustained as more and more information for each country is available online only. Now LANIC not only preserves the publications from each country of intrest, but they are able to preserve whole websites from elected officials and government agencies and related organizations, thus expanding their ability to collect and provide access to important Latin American government information. Please enjoy the collection!