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Brennan Center public letter to lawmakers on Artificial Intelligence (AI) signed by 87 civil society groups

FYI, on the heals of the first US Senate artificial intelligence (AI) “Insight Forum” called together by Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) in september, 2023, today the Brennan Center for Justice, along with 87 civil society orgs (including FGI 😉 ) sent this letter regarding AI to lawmakers on the Hill. The letter warns of the impact of AI on the global economy and society, and particularly on historically marginalized communities and recommends “legislation that achieves meaningful, rights-respecting AI accountability.”

The undersigned organizations are deeply concerned about the risks that artificial intelligence (AI) and other automated decision-making systems pose to the well-being and rights of the American people. We welcome the intense attention that Congress is placing on these issues, and the inclusion of some key civil society representatives in the first Senate AI Insight Forum that took place on September 13th.

As Congress continues its examination of the opportunities and risks presented by AI, we urge legislators to consider the varied ways in which AI is already impacting our economy and society, particularly historically marginalized communities. We ask you to work closely with civil society to pursue legislation that achieves meaningful, rights-respecting AI accountability.