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Won’t Get Fooled Again: Day 5

I got say, having your Governor impeached by your State House of Representatives and about to be put on trial by Senate, starting tomorrow, just makes me all kinds of nostalgic for other moments of impeachment across this great land. Our Illinois legislature has not impeached or convicted a governor for misconduct for almost a century. In order to set up the structure of removing a sitting governor, our fearless legislative leaders modeled their actions on the impeachment of President Clinton ten years ago. Anxious to refresh my mind on the legal strategies and structures from that event, I wanted to see what artifacts remained on the web.

I got to say — Google was a failure in this kind of search –I turned up over 700,000 hits. The same search terms in usa.gov turned up 99 very specific and on scope hits
In this way, the organized structure of the government trumps the expansiveness of the web.

I will be very interested to see where (and how) the Obama civic machinery improves on the search capabilities of usa.gov.

See you on Day 6