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“Breathtaking” USAF Claim that Accessing WikiLeaks Violates Espionage Act

“Americans who have accessed the WikiLeaks web site may have violated the Espionage Act, under an extreme interpretation of the law advanced by Air Force officials last week.”

“If a family member of an Air Force employee accesses WikiLeaks on a home computer, the family member may be subject to prosecution for espionage under U.S. Code Title 18 Section 793.”

This is a breathtaking claim that goes far beyond any previous reading of the espionage statutes.

“That has to be one of the worst policy/legal interpretations I have seen in my entire career,” said William J. Bosanko, director of the Information Security Oversight Office, by email.

Air Force Blocking the Military’s Own Video Site

Air Force Blocking the Military’s Own Video Site By Noah Shachtman, Wired, March 27, 2009.

trooptube.tv is the “online video site designed to help military families connect and keep in touch while miles apart” maintained by “Military OneSource” which is an authorized Department of Defense program for Active Duty, Guard, Reserve and their families. As Wired describes it, trooptube is the “military’s taxpayer-funded, security-scrubbed, low-bandwidth-optimized video sharing site.”

But now, Wired says that military bases, especially Air Force bases, are blocking TroopTube as part of a larger, Air Force-wide decision to cut off access to it.

This isn’t the first time the military has sent mixed signals. See Pentagon promotes itself on YouTube, but prohibits troops from using it.