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Our mission

Free Government Information (FGI) is a place for initiating dialogue and building consensus among the various players (libraries, government agencies, non-profit organizations, researchers, journalists, etc.) who have a stake in the preservation of and perpetual free access to government information. FGI promotes free government information through collaboration, education, advocacy and research.

HathiTrust Federal Documents Registry Progresses to Beta

This is big news indeed. According to a press release, HathiTrust’s Federal Documents Registry — pulled together from the records of over 40 libraries — is now available as a beta release! Mike Furlough and Valerie Glenn gave a very good presentation of the project, methodology, etc. at IFLA last week.

A HUGE thanks to HathiTrust and especially to Valerie Glenn who took on this immense project. Hopefully, it’ll not only help HathiTrust identify materials not yet digitized in its corpus, but also the 1100+ depository libraries and public information users. Hopefully the FDLP will be able to use the registry to put together a union list and holdings of all documents in order to further FDLP’s goal of preservation of all historic FDLP documents. I know I’ll be using the registry to compare Stanford Library’s federal documents collection to the registry in order to find and fill gaps in our collections and also hopefully as copy for documents not yet cataloged.

The Registry is intended to be a comprehensive source of metadata for the US federal documents corpus – material produced at government expense since 1789. While many potential use cases exist, an important use will be the identification of materials that have not yet been digitized and/or deposited into the HathiTrust repository.The Registry was conceived in 2012 as a mechanism to determine how far  HathiTrust had progressed in meeting its goal of a comprehensive digital corpus, as outlined in the ballot initiative from the 2011 Constitutional Convention. In the fall of 2013, we issued a broad call for records, and thanks to the more than 40 libraries who responded we received  more than 25 million records. With such a large aggregation of records, the project team needed to develop multiple approaches for detecting and grouping duplicate records (records describing the same work).

via Federal Documents Registry Progresses to Beta | HathiTrust Digital Library.

Breaking: cooperative cataloging in FDLP libraries

This just in: GPO is gearing up to facilitate cooperative cataloging projects in FDLP libraries. This is great news for all those uncataloged-bound-with-unanalyzed series that every agency seems to have (yeah I’m talking to you Department of Agriculture Bulletin!). This push to catalog will make depository collections much more findable and usable!

Many libraries in the FDLP have voiced interest in establishing cooperative cataloging partnerships with GPO to exchange cataloging records, work together to catalog older materials, or enhance existing cataloging records to meet current cataloging standards. GPO has created guidelines for the establishment of partnerships that have a cataloging component. Federal depository libraries that are interested in possible cataloging partnerships are encouraged to review the guidelines and contact the partnership coordinator.

Help GPO distribute library catalog records

A GPO staffer has asked that I post the notice below about a pilot MARC record distribution project to “ensure the automatic dissemination of bibliographic records to FDLP libraries.” I hope libraries will volunteer to help out with this project as it seems like a significant step for gpo to take. We’ve talked for a while about collaborative cataloging of govt information; while this is primarily a “push” project, perhaps it could be the first step toward GPO opening up the cataloging workflow to depository libraries (many hands make light work right?!) and lead to other data sharing opportunities (XML, OAI, RSS, APIs etc.) both within the FDLP and with the public. This could be a significant piece of the FDLP ecosystem.

Calling all depositories! FREE Records! FREE Records!

GPO is looking for libraries who wish to take part in the Cataloging Record Distribution Pilot. Applications are being accepted now through January 11, 2010.

Federal depository libraries will be chosen to participate in this pilot program in which GPO bibliographic records will be distributed from GPO’s Integrated Library System (ILS) to these libraries. GPO will be accepting a group of 30 – 35 FDLP libraries to participate.

GPO is looking for a mixture of different library sizes and types. Of that group, GPO would like some current MARCIVE subscribers, as well as some non-subscribers. GPO is also aiming to select a variety of libraries that use a diverse group of ILS vendors.

Visit the Cataloging Record Distribution Pilot Web page for more information on the project, including details on how to apply and an informational FAQ sheet on the details of the project.