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Our mission

Free Government Information (FGI) is a place for initiating dialogue and building consensus among the various players (libraries, government agencies, non-profit organizations, researchers, journalists, etc.) who have a stake in the preservation of and perpetual free access to government information. FGI promotes free government information through collaboration, education, advocacy and research.

State Agency Databases Project: Business, Finance & Economy

This week we are highlighting the Business, Finance & Economy 50-State guide from the State Agency Databases Project. This guide lists 47 states that are known to have publicly searchable, state agency produced databases in this subject area.

Three databases from this compilation are:


Charitable Organizations System – May be searched by name, dba or purpose. Records indicate whether a charity is currently registered and provides address, contact information and purpose. Information is self reported and AZ Secretary of State does not determine whether a charity is legitimate.



Publicly Traded Disclosure Search – This search allows you to search for all publicly traded corporations that have filed a Corporate Disclosure Statement with the Secretary of State, search the full text of information contained in a specific statement, and view abstracts of reported information. Searchable by corporation name, the names of officers, or an auditor name; there is also an advanced search.



Unlicensed Search for Construction Contractor – From the web page, “will provide a listing of public complaints against persons or entities of construction contractors that, at the time of the complaint, were not licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.”


For more, see http://godort.libguides.com/businessdbs.  If you know of state agency produced databases in this area, either comment here or use the “Email me” link on the guide to report a database, which will be forwarded to the appropriate project volunteer.

State Agency Databases Project: Agriculture & Food Sources

As a result of the State Agency Databases Project migration to GODORT LibGuides, the volunteers are able to offer more subject guides covering the fifty states. We plan to highlight one subject guide a week till we get through all of the guides.

This week’s highlight is Agriculture & Food Sources, featuring 35 states that project volunteers know to have publicly searchable databases in this subject area. Three examples from this compilation are:


Alaska Seafood Recipes – Searchable set of recipes utilizing salmon, halibut, crab and other Alaskan seafood. May be searched by type of dish (appetizer, salad, entree, etc), Seafood type, and consumer/food service.


Weed Identification Key – Use this database of images to identify weed species, especially the most common weeds found in California lawns. Because flowering parts are often mowed and not seen in turf, this key was developed using vegetative characteristics. The key goes from general to specific images of the plants; work through the key until you get to a summary page of your weed. The summary pages include control methods. There are related keys for invasive ants, aphids and other pests.


Licensed Grain Dealer/Warehouse Database – Searchable by company name, manager name, address, zip code, phone number, or county.

For more, see http://godort.libguides.com/agriculturedbs. If you know of state agency produced databases in this area, either comment here or use the “Email me” link on the guide to report a database, which will be forwarded to the appropriate project volunteer.

State Agency Databases Project now on GODORT LibGuides

On behalf of the 40 volunteers who made it possible, I (Daniel) am pleased to announce that all content with working links from the State Agency Databases Project has been moved from the GODORT Wiki to GODORT LibGuides. See http://godort.libguides.com/statedatabases for lists of agency produced databases from the 50 states and  the District of Columbia. Questions about a particular page should be directed to the documents specialist in charge of that page. Use the “e-mail me” link on the page to contact them.

One of the benefits of moving to LibGuides is the capability to create self-updating subject guides – that is, whenever a volunteer updates a link on their state guide, the link in the subject guide changes automatically.

The following 50-State (Plus DC) subject guides are now fully functional:


Broad Subject Guides

Single Subject Guides

If a particular state does not appear on a subject guide, it means that no state agency produced databases from that state and in that subject are known to us.
ALL content on our project guides is free to be reused and remixed. Attribution is appreciated, permission is not required. We look forward to seeing these state government databases in guides and web pages wherever they are found to be useful.

Check out NASA’s new searchable database of space pics and video!

Solar flares from NASA image database
NASA just made my day! The U.S. space agency launched a new web-based search engine for much of its catalog of images, video and audio files, browsable by keyword and metadata.

All the content on the site is embeddable, and there are multiple resolutions to choose from for downloads. The site also shows image metadata, so you can see what equipment was used when they were captured. There’s also a caption file available for all video, so you can easily include subtitles with clips when reposting.

NASA notes that this isn’t a comprehensive collection of its available media, but a representative and deep collection with an easy-to-access public interface. It’s also planning to expand this collection over time.

HT TechCrunch!.

State Agency Databases Project Activity Report 1/15/2015

Welcome to the first State Agency Databases Project report of 2015!

ORPHAN – Nebraska

At the start of each new year we click on the “history” tab of each state page and check when it was last updated. If it hasn’t been updated during the previous calendar year, we let that volunteer go and put out the page for adoption.

Historically, I’ve had to fill six or seven pages each year. This year was different — we only had two “orphan pages” and one got adopted before I could get this report out. So I am happy to report that the sole orphan page of 2015 is Nebraska.

If you are interested in being the documents specialist for the Nebraska page, please read through our Volunteer Guide. If you feel you can carry out the listed duties please contact me at danielcornwall AT gmail DOT com.



The first few weeks of 2015 saw significant activity at the State Agency Databases Project at http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/State_Agency_Databases . The following pages saw a significant number of changes. (links are to revisions page, click on “page” tab to see regular page):

  • District of Columbia – Susan Paterson
  • Montana – Susanne Caro
  • New Mexico – Susanne Caro
  • Ohio – Kirstin Krumsee
  • Not Databases” – Resources that are either databases of state information NOT produced by state agencies, or resources from state agencies that are not databases.

One other change we made was to our Prisoner Locater page, our most popular subject collection for several years running. Although it was technically outside the scope of our project, we added the Federal Inmate Locator so that regular people using the page to track down a friend, loved one or other person of interest had easy access to both state and federal locator services.

You can always view ALL changes made in the past 14 days by visiting http://tinyurl.com/statedbs14d.

As a reminder, all of the links and text in the State Agency Databases Project is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. We strongly encourage the use of our links and annotations in projects of your own.