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200610241030 FDLP/DLC : GPO Online Services Open Forum : Virginia Rigby’s notes

GPO Online Services Open Forum

Oct 24, 10:30 am

Look at the new Browse topics and the FDLP desktop.

Barbara Miller, Oklahoma State. Karen from GPO.

Overview. If you are a contributor, and don’t have your article, in. Then do so. Everyone who is a contributor look at the site. Broad subject category, A-Z list, and search. Keyword should catch those who don’t know where they belong.

One thing it will do is if you are looking for an agency, it will populate the site with that agency.

Top at the right, ADA compliance by use of these icons. Screen readers also included. Overview of the site. navigation bar at the top most popular and most reviewed. People can turn in the site and turn in questions and a featured site that will be controlled by OK state. Newest site or what ever. Below that for contributors page. new listings and most popular so you can navigate there also.

You can add pictures. You will not need to know .html to contribute to the site, just cut and paste. Info about the site. Depository librarians. This is a high quality research tool.

Changes are that it is on the GPO server. Ok state will still be editing. They aren’t editing the page, because they don’t have time. In the future, when you upload a site, OK State will be able to check to see if everything works on the site. You won’t have to worry about typing in the html.

Look at a site. Solar Energy. Environment. Broad description and then we have 5 different links in solar energy.

Link to Department of Energy. Results will be populated in the environment, solar energy in A-Z, and Browse Topics. Users don’t understand the idea of executive agency so we need to explain it to them.

Info on Department of Energy [DOE]. Most contributors don’t update but info needs to be updated every 3 to 4 months. Some people do this religiously and others do not.

Site map. all the broad topics and the topics undertneath.

Privacy policy. general information. FAQs. feedback. you can submit your thoughts and it goes directly to GPO.

Federal depository locator. map. [Google maps.] So you can see where they are located. We can tell them where to get the information that is closer to their home base.

Contributors will get you back to the contributors page. Depository Libraries. Apply to be a contributor. Apply.

  • Dates. Current contributors need to let them know by the 15th of November.
  • They will send a password and you can access the new site.
  • The way to populate the site, each link needs to be included separately.

Once logged into the system you get expanded navigation tools. How-to guide. Like add a listing. View my listings. J Smith can see the listings they have included on the site.

Submit to OSU before it is uploaded to the site. To add a listing, as Section 508, very much like Microsoft word. Put in the link description and web site title.

Edit the old topic to new site. include information on the goal for the page and the sublinks to there can be .html or word documents. Completed the word documents rather than .html.

Current topic contributors. Those topics will be released. What do to with old topics?

Need a way to archive topics. New page only on new pages. December 1st to release new topics at that time. Then they can find a topic. Another topic or update their topic need a release from the former contributor.

Please tell anyone who wants to help. On December 1st. we need to get all the notes registered. Mid January it should be up and running. Will take a bit of time. Message system. If you want to send anybody a message who is in the system.

username is first initial last name. work against the clock. Content management system. php with a Microsoft database.

Q. Best practice example? It used to be preferred to have imbedded text blocks with solar energy.

A. Users want to see where it goes. The tool kit has a sample best practices. They want to work with the topic to see what. Images guidelines/ into the how- to guide. 150 by 150 pixels so there are some basic guidelines. copyright issues. Are agency images alright to use? As long as the image isn’t misused it will be all right. Coded for standards not for browsers. Ability to do the cut and paste, then contact GPO if unable to work.

Q. Link checking?

A. For the main site, they can check the main site but not links imbedded in the text.

A. from audience. These links on your site re: dead. Go to zenu.

Q. Timeframe for when it will come out of beta. Current contributor.

A. Its not live but will go live January.

GPO would like to change the name of the site Browse Topics. Survey out.

The site is live, but not give the url out to the public. Survey up in about a week.

Do we want a Spanish language site?

State sites. Maps in the serial site. American memory that are helpful for teachers in the state.

FDLP desktop. reorganization.

Karen. totally in beta. Everything is up for grabs. See the same principles in browse topics but 800 by 600 mode. Different browser and tools there are various abilities. Upper right of desk. Everything is in xml. Trying to get into a magazine mode. mouse over tabs in the header.

Little is up at this time, very little real content and not FDLP management tools are yet into the new system. But can show you:

  • Librarian of the year. Read about the nomination guidelines. search in the upper lefthand corner. search options any words, all words, exact phrase.
  • Events will have calendar and events. Breadcrumbs also included.
  • Publications are scattered and now trying to aggregate publications. FDLP screensaver.
  • Popular news items and newest news items.
  • Print, email or pdf. in the document on the right.

They are getting rid of the fdlp-l listserv

Instead, we will have to log into the site. You have to be logged into the system into add comments into the fdlp-l. This is only a demo and looking at how it will be integrated into the new site. personal email addresses. remove individual email messages to prevent spammers. Taking. Looking at getting rid of the fdlp-l . Need to know there is more info on the page

Q. When is the beta going to go live?

A. This is an early version of the site and they are looking to have it up and

running after the first of the year.

Q. Management tools need to go up. real-time chat also Can we save our searches?

A. Through the databases.

Discussions have real time chat interaction with your peers.

Q. Who will staff the chat at the GPO end? More like a bulletin board chat with rooms to go into.

Moderated chat or who happens to be on?

Q. The overwhelming headaches is the redirects.

A. They are using a content management system and the URLs are quite long and they are hoping to shorten them.

Q. Short URLs. is the URL available for preview? No not for a couple of weeks. Once it gets going, will send out link.

They will get rid of FDLP-l once the new site is up. Maybe, if it is no longer valuable.

And you may have to have your own rss feed to see the new information. Keep the old site up to cross-reference the old and new sites.

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