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Scroogle shuts down, citing DDoS attacks and Google throttling

Scroogle, since 2003 my go-to search engine — it queries Google search, but anonymizes search results, does not store cookies on users’ computers, and strips out all the google ads on the search results page — may have finally gone to the big search engine in the sky. Created by “privacy militant and self-appointed Wikipedia watchdog” Daniel Brandt, Scroogle had recently been enduring round-the-clock [[Distributed_Denial_of_Service|distributed denial of service]] (DDoS) attacks on its servers as well as throttling of its service by Google. For those that are interested, there are other options for privacy-protecting search engines.

There IS a connection to and a concern for libraries here. Anyone building digital archives needs to be concerned about this type of action. The best way to thwart DDoS attacks is to host digital content on many servers and have built-in redundancy of content and infrastructure. Collaboration is key!

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