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Lots More Links from Resource Shelf

Our friend Gary Price sent a lot of great links you’ll want to know about from Resource Shelf.

Don’t forget that you can always see the latest items from Gary’s Docuticker right here on FGI in the left column. You can also find Gary on twitter (@resourceshelf).

***Top of the List***
New: Extremely Useful: NARA Releases List of Digitized Records (NARA Partners & Their Records) http://bit.ly/bjOVyI Source: NARA

The Others
1. List: Most Popular Baby Names of 2009 and Two Tools to Get “Most Popular Names” back to Late 19th Century. Source: SSA http://bit.ly/baby2009

2) New: Searchable Database: Venomous Snakes and Antivenoms Search (yes, a specialized dbase for every topic) Source: World Health Organization http://bit.ly/cRFiEm

3) California (3 Items): 2010 State Fault Activity Map, State Geological Map, 150 Geological Facts About California Source: CA Department of Conservation http://bit.ly/cali2010map

4) Interview with Archivist of the U.S., David Ferriero: What Happens to Social Media Records? Source: Smart Planet http://bit.ly/interview121

5) Public Printer with GPO Budget News & Graph: 10 Years of GPO Financial Performance Source: GPO http://bit.ly/gpobudget

6) EPA Launches New Web Tools to Inform the Public About Clean Water Enforcement Interactive Web tool allows the public to check water violations in their communities http://bit.ly/b5IwbE Source: EPA

7) NOAA Incident News In Left Column, access to database of Oil Spills NOAA has been involved with since late 50’s (Pre-NOAA) http://bit.ly/d8WzGG Source: NOAA

8) Research Paper: From Obscurity to Prominence in Minutes: Political Speech and Real-Time Search http://bit.ly/bTMBwm Source WebSci 2010 Conf.

9) FBI Now Accepts Freedom of Info Requests on the Web http://bit.ly/av7XTB Source: FCW

10) U.S. Embassy in Haiti Now on Twitter http://bit.ly/cXs5Vh

also on Facebook http://bit.ly/ayXXij

and Haiti: Legal Bibliography from Law Library of Congress http://bit.ly/haitilawbib

Thanks Gary!

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