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bulk data downloads

Recommended reading: O’Reilly Radar – Bulk Data Downloads: A Breakthrough in Government Transparency by Tim O’Reilly (March 4, 2009):

What would it mean if all the bulk data from the Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service, Government Printing Office, and “the appropriate entities of the House of Representatives” were made available?”

Here’s an excerpt from the appropriations bill that’s the focus of the post – “*Public Access to Legislative Data* – There is support for enhancing public access to legislative documents, bill status, summary information, and other legislative data through more direct methods such as bulk data downloads and other means of no-charge digital access to legislative databases…”

O’Reilly was especially struck by the possibilities embedded in that final passage – “bulk data downloads and other means of no-charge digital access to legislative databases” and the specific reference to agencies …

Read the full Radar post here!

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