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Google VP for search quality talks about searching

An interesting interview with Udi Manber, vice president in charge of search quality at Google:

Manber says that even as recently as the early 1990s searching “was done by professionals in various limited domains. There was legal search, there was medical search, there was chemical search, and some limited news search. And it was done by a searcher–professional people….The idea that people will do the search themselves–that it’ll democratize the whole thing and you don’t have to go to a professional–that’s the revolution.”

He also says that Google “tunes” search results based on where you are physically in the world:

The other difference is it depends on location. If you do the same search from a different country, you get different results, even if it’s the same language. We will tune the results by the country in which you’re searching. It’s by language and location.

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