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So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You

This is my final post as guest blogger on FGI.  I’ve really enjoyed this gig and I want to thank FGI for invting me.  This is also probably the last time I’ll be contributing to public discussions as a librarian.  Last week I learned that my position is being abolished.  The budget was tight, they needed to cut, and my position was selected.   

So indulge me a moment as I stroll down memory lane.

My first library job was at the Steenbock Agricultural Library at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. This is where I first mastered the intricacies of gov docs.

After college I moved to Chicago, where I got a job at the John Marshall Law School library, still filing government documents but now expanding my repertoire to include serials checkin (on a kardex, remember those?) and looseleaf updates.  

After Chicago I moved to Los Angeles where I got a job at the RAND Corporation library in Santa Monica, doing serials checkin again, as well as acquisitions and copy cataloging.  One year they gave us all PCs and a few months later Migell Acosta loaded a Mosaic browser on my machine.  Things have never been the same since.

A few years later I  got my MLIS from UCLA.  I was no longer a "paraprofessional"… 

I moved to D.C. and hopped around a bunch of library jobs (including one that took me to all the Marine Corps base libraries on the East Coast- Semper Fi!) until I arrived at the IMF where I took a job as librarian in 2000.   I did systems librarian work mostly, then got into training and that pretty much brings me to today.

So that’s it.  While I never say never, it’s most likely that my career as a librarian is over. 

See you on the dark side of the moon. 

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