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Happy 800th birthday Magna Carta

Magna CartaHappy 800th birthday [[Magna Carta]] the “Great Charter” agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215, and the basis for constitutions around the world.

but that was 800 years ago. How does this relate to today you ask? Check out Historian Peter Linebaugh’s interview on DemocracyNow about the connection between the Magna Carta and “Black Lives Matter” movement.

And then see how the Magna Carta has been updated for the 21st century by the British Library and 3000 young people who came up with 500 clauses they would like to see in such a document.

The Top 10 most popular clauses so far:

  1. The Web we want will not let companies pay to control it, and not let governments restrict our right to information
  2. The Web we want will allow freedom of speech
  3. The Web we want will be free from government censors in all countries
  4. The Web we want will not allow any kind of government censorship
  5. The Web we want will be available for all those who wish to use it
  6. The Web we want will be free from censorship and mass surveillance
  7. The Web we want will allow equal access to knowledge, information and current news worldwide
  8. The Web we want will have freedom of speech
  9. The Web we want will not be censored by the government
  10. The Web we want will not sell our personal information and preferences for money, and will make it clearer if the company/Website intends to do so

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