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Cindi Wolff’s bio

Cindi Wolff, our guest blogger for May, 2006, is currently serving as the head, serials services at the university of oklahoma health sciences, The Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library in oklahoma city, OK. The Bird Library is a selective housing site for the OU Norman campus which Cindi “officially” set in 1990 when she served as the government documents librarian on that campus from 1988-1993 — when she started her new position in January, 2006, she discovered the 1990 selective housing agreeement signed by the two library directors that she had typed up! Prior to her return to oklahoma, she served as federal documents librarian [u.s. and canada!] at the
university of california at berkeley, Project Manager [i.e.,
library director], the U.S. Department of Labor , Regional Librarian at Lousiana State University, Director of Collections at US Department of the Interior Library, and Acting Head of the Government and Geographic Information and Data Services at Northwestern University.

Despite her various titles, she always served as the government information specialist at the institutions she has the pleasure of working. As she likes to point out to classes, “if you elminate pornography, I estimate that 70% of the information that you find on the Internet is government information: created by the government, from the government, or repackaged by commercial and educational entities. And every librarian is a government information librarian because you can no longer just send the user to the basement when they ask a question.” Her guest blog will deal with issues concerning open access with the working title: “Open Access: It’s Not Just PubMed“.

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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