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Marine Corps Film Repository

University of South Carolina Plans to Preserve, Digitize U.S. Marine Corps Film Repository InfoDocket.

The university’s Moving Image Research Collections will digitize the Marine Corps Film Repository, with plans to eventually place the films online for the public to view free of charge.

2017 Budget Available Today

GPO and OMB Release President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget. (Note: that link may not be permanent. See permanent links to each part of the budget from that link, while you can.)

New NASA Visions of the Future Posters


The Verge reports that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory commissioned Seattle design firm Invisible Creature for a 2016 “Visions Of The Future” calendar that will be given to NASA staff, scientists, engineers, and government officials. JPL will also release digital copies of each month’s artwork for free. (Watch for them! Get the whole set!) :-)

For me, one of the quiet perks of working with govinfo has always been posters and graphics. These new ones look great!

U.S. Budget FY 2017 coming Feb 9, 2016

[press release]

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will be releasing President Barack Obama’s Budget for the U.S. Government, FY 2017. Printed copies will be available through GPO’s retail and online bookstore. The Budget will also be available as a mobile web app and electronically on govinfo.gov

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
11:00 am EST

Note: The Historical Tables will be available only in digital format on govinfo.gov and OMB’s website www.budget.gov

complete press release [PDF]

Looking Backward, Looking Forward

It is that time of year when we tend to look back at what has happened over the last 12 months and look forward to what we anticipate in the coming year. The urge to look back and see what has happened comes, usually, not so much from nostalgia as from a desire to evaluate recent activities: Have we accomplished something, or stood still, or regressed? And the urge to look forward is an opportunity to understand the challenges that are coming at us and imagine the opportunities to do better in the coming year.

It is a little late for a traditional end-of-year/beginning-of-year post, so, rather than looking at specific things that GPO, FDLP, and FDLP libraries have accomplished in the recent past or might accomplish in the near future, we’d like to twist the ritual a bit and take a slightly different tack. Today we will quickly examine how FDLP too often simply compares today to yesterday — and why this is a bad thing.



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