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Wednesday April 20th – Authentication and Version Control

To provide your own take on the Authentication & Version Control Session, please either comment below or send your notes and/or multimedia to dnlcornwall@alaska.net. Please let FGI know if we can use your name and affiliation.

The following notes were contributed by Sharon M. Partridge of the Jefferson County Public Library in Lakewood CO. Any hyperlinks were added by FGI staff.

All interpretations of documents and comments made are my own and do not reflect on my institution. These were typed on the day noted and subsequent days may have changed things. All mistakes are mine and feel free to post corrections.

The two programs I attended [on Wednesday] were on Authentication and Versioning

Authentication – There was so much confusion from Council because they hadn’t been able to attend the demo of the PKI software that not much was accomplished until GPO could repeat the highlights of the demo. When asked how finely we want the authentication to appear, the answer was as finely as possible. Tables, graphs and chapters were considered a minimum. There was a lot of discussion about the difference between Authentic and Official in the certification. We felt that if we were having trouble, the patrons would have more and the definitions needed to be clearer and something explicit was needed to show which was the higher level of verification.

Versioning – This was the part of the program I personally had the most trouble with. GPO is talking about creating a discreet file and catalog record for each version of an online document. The metadata might need to be changed too. They discussed what the triggers for this process should be: each time the date on a website or document was changed (as “last updated 4-20-05”) or if a period was changed. We talked about the type of document being a factor. A period in a legal document has importance but probably not in a park service handout. I found the idea of having ten or more records in the catalog for a single title, and letting the patron figure out which is the newest was horrifying. Then there was the question of errata. Do we change the document so the patron sees the correction in the document or treat it as a separate document? I guess it depends on whether you paste in corrections or assume the patron will see the change. Attitudes vary. GPO has been struggling with this question.

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