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Tuesday April 19th – National Collection

To provide your own take on the National Collection Development Session, please either comment below or send your notes and/or multimedia to dnlcornwall@alaska.net. Please let FGI know if we can use your name and affiliation.

The following notes were contributed by Sharon M. Partridge of the Jefferson County Public Library in Lakewood CO. Any hyperlinks were added by FGI staff.

All interpretations of documents and comments made are my own and do not reflect on my institution. These were typed on the day noted and subsequent days may have changed things. All mistakes are mine and feel free to post corrections.

National Collection – This may be housed in multiple sites within and without the government but it will be one collection. GPO has already begun acquiring documents, including a complete Serial Set. They are getting two copies of everything printed including things that are not in FDLP (these might include internal documents and classified documents). They may begin mining from NARA’s digital holdings. Preservation efforts will meet all of the recognized standards for the various formats. The criteria to be an alternative site are that they be at least 600 miles apart, not in flood zone or along an earthquake fault. When asked if they will try to get the holdings of NTIS, they said some of the collection is not in scope but some of it is and that they’d take the NTIS collection if NTIS was unable to keep it. The ILS may show holdings in depositories but this would mean we’d have to let GPO know if anything was weeded or lost. LC and GPO have reached an agreement on what their varied responsibilities are. LC does copyrighted material while GPO does government material. NARA will allow GPO to add things to the dark archive as needed.

I missed the meeting on the National Bibliography to go to the one about the new products.

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