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New Library Page to Collect Video, Audio Spots

In hopes that this week’s postings on the use of videos to promote libraries and government information will unleash a burst of creativity (or bring existing items to light), we have established a new FGI library page.

The page is called Audio and Video that Promotes Government Information or Depository Libraries and provides links to the following:

  • Audio spots done by libraries or librarians (currently empty)
  • Video spots
  • Sources for visual materials
  • Sources for royalty-free/copyright friendly audio
  • Sites where you can post your video for free and get viewer stats.

Please send us links to anything that falls in the above categories. If anyone has suggestions for either software or tutorials on making videos/audio promos, please send links to those as well.

The software I used came with my computer and is now four years old, so I’m not sure I can recommend it to anyone. Check your computer. Chances are you already have video and audio tools on your computer!

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