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Intute’s Tutorials

The Resource Shelf posted an item today about a tutorial for web research by Intute (UK). It has a variety tutorials for researching certain topics but with free web-based resources. These short tutorials are by subject experts from colleges in the United Kingdom.

I took a look at the one for “Government and Politics“. It was fun because it took me to resources I didn’t know existed! One of which was “House of Commons Library Research Papers” (which reminded me of CRS reports). I scanned the titles and found “The WTO Doha Development Round: where next for world trade?”.

At first, it kind of made me think of it being a kind of dmoz.org with a shopping cart. That is, as I went thru the tutorial screens, I was supposed to click on icons next to a resource name thus adding the links to a shopping cart to look at later. I found an Index of Political Blogswith about 800 links to blogs from UK, US, and Australia. I guess now I have something to look at while I am on Christmas vacation!

The tutorial hints and guides are appropriate for students. It’s also a nice tool to get folks who maybe use only google or other search engines for research.

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  1. Emma Place says:

    Thanks for this review and feedback – we’re glad to hear you enjoyed the tutorial.

    The Intute Virtual Training Suite offers free Internet tutorials on over 60 university and college subjects.

    If people want to see a full list of titles go to:

    Intute Virtual Training Suite:

    Emma Place,
    Intute Training Manager
    University of Bristol, UK

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