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New Poll: Why are you silent?

Now that we’ve learned a little about our visitors, we’ve started a new poll to explore why we don’t see many comments here at Free Government Information despite our significant readership.

Due to the nature of this poll, we’re not asking for comments here, but if you feel very strongly about the reason you don’t comment on our stories, please consider making your first comment one on our poll.

Otherwise, please use a single mouse-click to give us some much needed feedback.

Why do we care? Well, reaching back to our mission statement:

By creating this nexus, we hope to facilitate collaboration among the various stakeholders and participate in the design of a truly robust system for the digital age where government information is freely accessible, fully functional and usable, and preserved in a distributed system of libraries.

It’s hard to collaborate when people aren’t talking much. So help us figure out how to stimulate dialog by identifying the barriers to commenting.

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