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Fall 2006 Depository Library Council Meeting October 22-25, 2006

Official proceedings from the Government Printing Office posted 11/3/2006.

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  • 8:30 Plenary Session: Superintendent of Documents, Operational, and GPO Agency Updates
  • 10:30 Plenary Session: Panel Discussion with Program Management Office Directors, Master Integrator & Program Management Team
  • 1:30 Council Session: Web Harvesting
  • 1:30 Government Documents and Blogs: One Library’s Perspective (1:30-2:15)/Historical Data on the Hispanic Population in the U.S. Census – A Case Study (2:15-3:00)
  • 1:30 Serial Set
  • 1:30 Pre and Post Fire Recovery: What you can do before and after a fire strikes your library (1:30-2:15)/Ben’s Guide: A train-the-trainer’s program for reaching out to school librarians and teachers (2:15-3:00)
  • 3:30 Council Session: Immigrants and Federal Depository Libraries
  • Virginia Rigby’s notes

  • 3:30 Web-Based Military Newspapers in War: Providing Soldiers’ Perspectives on Military Developments (3:30-4:15)/Depository Library Access to Online Resources from Library Home Pages: Using the Depository Logo on the “Front Door” (4:15-5:00)
  • 3:30 Increasing Access to Electronic Documents as well as Older Print Materials – A Tale of Two Projects
  • 3:30 CD-ROM Migration


  • 8:30 Council Session: Vision Document
  • 8:30 Agency Update: Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
  • 8:30 Access: Security & Reference Merge
  • 8:30 GPO Operational Open Forum
  • 10:30 Council Session: Cataloging and Metadata Initiatives at GPO
  • 10:30 Agency Update: STAT-USA
  • 10:30 Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of Transitioning Depository Collections
  • 10:30 GPO Online Services Open Forum
  • Virginia Rigby’s notes

  • 1:30 Council Session: Access Assessment and Marketing
  • 1:30 Agency Update: U.S. Copyright Office
  • 1:30 Managing Tangible Collections in an Electronic Environment
  • Virginia Rigby’s notes

  • 1:30 Open Forum: CGP/ILS (Catalog of U.S. Government Publications/Integrated Library System)
  • 3:30 I Want…YoURLs! Practical Ways for Teachers and School Librarians to Incorporate Government Information Resources into Classroom Curriculum
  • 3:30 Agency Update: FirstGov (3:30-4:15)/Agency Update: U.S. Department of Education (4:15-5:00)
  • 3:30 Virtual Reference
  • 3:30 GPO Operational Open Forum
  • 6:00 Recognition of Service for Judith C. Russell: Presentation


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