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New Feature! News Aggregator brings docs and tech news to FGI

This week FGI volunteers started a new feature, a news aggregator. We have loaded up a lot of news feeds from online magazines, blogs and a few from the Government Printing Office and brought them together in one place for you to read them. Just look for the “news aggregator” link on the left hand side of the home page. (Note from Jim: you can also access the aggregator by clicking on “In other news…” in the top toolbar!)

The news aggregator gives you the option of reading all the sources we at FGI find useful, or reading just ones from these four catagories:

This feature is very much in beta, so please check it out and offer us feedback and new sources, particularly blogs done by government document departments or librarians. If different categories would help, let us know that too. Help us build a more useful tool.

If you haven’t tried a news/feed reader before, our news aggregator will give you a taste of what it’s like. And if you’re already a feed subscriber through Bloglines or some other RSS reader, then you might want to look at our list of sources and add news feeds individually.

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  1. Thanks for adding my blog to your aggregator. Let me suggest a two more blogs done by government documents departments/librarians that are in my blogroll:

    UC Berkeley GovBlog

    Swem Government Information

  2. jajacobs says:

    James and I just reconfigured the blogrolls page. If you click on “In other news…” on the top toolbar, you’ll get to the blogroll page that now lists the blogs that we follow as well as the aggregator of those blogs in the left and right columns. Please send us an email if things are unclear or if you’d like to us to add feeds for other blogs (admin AT freegovinfo DOT info). Jennie, we’ll add those feeds ASAP. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    On the Homefront

    Our content is created by librarians at the Homeland Security Digital Library, and we frequently blog about new government documents and reports.

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