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Talk on Socks? No Way! / New Library Page

A recent Presidential signing statement appears to refuse Congress reports on sock tarrifs related to CAFTA.

This statement is the latest in a series of Presidential signing statements that purport to deny reports and other accountability information ordered by Congress.

So we’ve decided to start collecting signing statements that appear to have a direct effect on information availability and have devoted a new library page to them.

While confident we can handle information suppressing signing statements from here on out, we at FGI were hoping that our readers could send us examples of past signing statements that a plain reading would indicated that a directed report would not be issued by the executive branch.

This is no mere academic exercise. Precedents are being set. If the practice of waving away reporting requirements with a stroke of the pen stands, we may have very little government information to work with down the road. With enough sunlight, perhaps this shadow will pass.

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