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Wikis as legislation builders

I heard a great little radio piece last week on Against the Grain — a show that’s played on KPFA, my local Pacifica radio station.

Please listen to the interview with Matt Gonzalez (who ran for SF mayor on the Green party ticket last year) and Dave Grenell. They found in their work that it was very diffficult to find out what other municipalities were doing in terms of good environmental and social legislation. So the’ve put together the Good Legislation wiki (Reader beware: the site is still in beta and may or may not be accessible at this time; I saw the site a few days ago, but today was blocked. Check back frequently).

The site is a place to share the best progressive state, city, county and international legislation, and the most successful grass-roots community programs. Anyone can add legislation to the wiki by creating a free user name.

This is a really interesting use of wikis. By sharing information on successful (or unsuccessful) local/county/state programs, it can help other municipalities build on those successes or avoid those pitfalls associated with poorly thought-out legislation. Kudos Matt and Dave!

Wed 9.06.06| Good Laws, Good News

What if there was one place you could go to find the best progressive laws, practices and programs in the world? Matt Gonzalez and Dave Grenell are building that place, as we speak, online.

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