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Thanks Peggy Garvin and welcome Kris Kasianovitz

I know I’m a couple of days late this month, but as you may have noticed, we’ve had some technical difficulties in the last few days. I’m hopeful that I’ve ironed them all out and we can get back to business.

So, thanks Peggy garvin for being our blogger-of-the-month for August! peggy did a great job. See the list of her posts below if you missed any of them.

And … Welcome Kris Kasianovitz to the podium (see Kris’ bio). Kris comes to us from UCLA. We can’t wait to read what’s on Kris’ mind. Take it away KK!!

And just a reminder: If anyone’s interested in taking a turn as FGI blogger, please email us at [email protected]“>admin AT freegovinfo DOT info.

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