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Not Just Blogs: Issues – Privacy

The week’s “not just blogs” installment will highlight the Privacy page of our Issues section. From the front page of Free Government Information, click on Issues:

Then on Privacy.

Citizens’ rights to access government information cannot be achieved without the guarantee of privacy. The issue of privacy is of extreme importance to us here at FGI, which is why we frequently stress its importance in our writing or blog posts. The essay on privacy is quite a short read and discusses privacy in the context of the physical depository library, the library’s Web site, and privacy while accessing a government agency’s site or downloading a document from said agency. There is also a link to a longer, more in-depth expose of the issue from a panel presentation that James R. Jacobs gave at the 2005 annual Nevada Library Association conference.

We hope you’ll visit our Privacy page to learn more about this issue, and mull over its intricacies and implications. We’d appreciate comments or suggestions for additions to the bibliography of web resources, books and articles dealing with privacy.

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