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Monday DLC so far

Greetings from Albuquerque. I arrived *late* last night. Mechanical failure made me miss my connection in Phoenix and so I spent the day there on standby lists (which I didn’t make since all the flights were over-booked! grrrr).

Anyway, I’m here. Much of today’s discussion was on “Future
Tangible Distribution to Depository Libraries.” Council discussed the assumptions in that document, which is really an internal doc used by GPO staff in their day-to-day dealings.
SOD71 will become ID71 and include some more verbiage about how/when a tangible doc will be distributed.

But this is largely moot IMHO since, as Judy Russell states frequently, 95% of depository items will soon be digital only. However, the time was taken up on this so that print-on-demand could not be discussed. Perhaps it was discussed in closed sessions, but there was nary a peep about POD until the breakout sessions.

There were some (I think 3) questions that made the cut during the Q&A session that mentioned distributing ddocuments in digital, so that’s progress. I wish I was Mr. Subliminal Man and could say “distribute the digital” over and over in GPO’s ear! they’ve got the print ready PDFs with metadata so why not at least try it?!

I think tonight’s godort session will be well-attended. I hope that I can represent FGI’s (and FDLP AND users’) interests adequately. I’ll post again when I have more to tell.

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  1. Heard from a GPO staffer that POD for FDLP was nixed because of strong opposition from librarians, sent to the Hill and to Bruce James. Guess advocacy works both ways; too bad that POD is a dead issue. It may have been one way of customized tangibles for individual libraries. We’re heard plenty that one size does not fit all.

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