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Major Update of Best Titles Ever! and new Flickr group

FGI wishes to extend HUGE thanks to Christine Gray of the University of Idaho Library for providing a large number of photos to use as cover art on our Best Titles Ever! page. If you haven’t visited our page in the past week, it’s worth another look.

In hopes of getting yet more covers of these public domain, yet weird and/or intriguing titles, I have established the Best. Titles. Ever. photo group on Flickr. If you’ve got photos to contribute and you’re a Flickr member, please post them there. If you’re not a Flickr member, but want to contribute please e-mail those covers to me at dnlcornwall AT alaska.net.

Even with Christine’s mighty contribution, we are still lacking several covers I hope one of you can fill:

  • ALONE: Facts about Mental Health and Mental Illness was revised to:

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Facts about Mental Health and Mental Illness

    [HE 20.8102:Al7/985]

    “One of my favorite titles is from the National Institute of Mental Health, 1985. The document had a printing error in the title and was ordered destroyed by the Superintendent of Documents. “This error seriously detracts from the point that the publisher was trying to make.”

    Find “Alone” in a library
    Find “You are not alone” in a library

  • Kill or get killed : riot control techniques, manhandling, and close combat, for police and the military. U.S. Marine Corps [D 214.9/6:12-80] with illustrations! Find in a library

    (James notes that it was such a hot title that someone actually published it privately — in the same year! Check out the OCLC records: 25298518 (US doc) 3328029 (paladin press). It looks like they were published at the same time, or at least in the same year.)

  • Let potatoes fight. [Y3.F73/2: WGC/ w49]
  • Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory Consortium, Annual Report. [C 13.58/4:]. Lori says: “Virtual cement and concrete? A virtual testing laboratory? A virtual consortium? Who knows?
    Find in a library
  • Wake up America: a national sleep alert. [Y3.2: SL2/SL2] Find in a library

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