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Govdocs: To boldly go where few have gone before

Although I don’t believe in “virtual depositories” that do not locally store digital documents, I do believe there is a place for virtual government information services.

In service to this belief, and to the believe that it isn’t enough to put up well designed web pages, I have volunteered at the Second Life Public Library. In addition to doing two hours of reference a week, I am setting up their government documents department. If you already have a Second Life, please drop by the library and have a visit. And drop me a line. I am registered as Alaskan Nighbor. The govdocs department is kind of bare-bones at the moment, but it’s growing. The rest of the library is well worth a visit too! If you work with govdocs and want to help — PLEASE!

If you haven’t heard of Second Life yet, here are a few articles to get you up to speed:

Certainly Second Life could be a fad, but if Business Week, the BBC and major retailers think Second Life is worth paying attention to, then maybe government information specialists should too. The challege is to pay attention to trends like these while not leaving the millions of un and underconnected behind.

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  1. K. Godfrey says:

    I realise this is a late comment but I have just recently set up an avatar in second life. I was wondering what kind of opportunities there are to help the gov docs section. I’m Canadian and may be able to help there (as long as it’s easy :)) Please feel free to contact me directly. Thanks

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