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No tolls on the ‘net: more on net neutrality

Lawrence Lessig and Robert W. McChesney recently wrote an article in the Washington Post, June 8th 2006 addressing issues of network neutrality — the principle for preserving the free and open Internet (registration may be required. Try BugMeNot to read without registering).

Congress is deciding on the fate of the Internet. The question before it is simple: Should the Internet be handed over to the handful of cable and telephone companies that control online access for 98 percent of the broadband market? Only a Congress besieged by high-priced telecom lobbyists and stuffed with campaign contributions could possibly even consider such an absurd act.

And consider it they have as the House rejected Net neutrality rules last thursday in HR5252. The CNet story lists no less than 6 Senate and House bills that include net neutrality in their language. The vote against HR5252 fell along party lines.

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