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US Census programs under attack again

Over the last several years, the US Census (including the American Community Survey and the Statistical Abstract of the US) have been under attack — see “Fear, uncertainty, or doubt? Why the Census and ACS are critical to a well-functioning democracy” and “OMB Watch on Census Cuts” for more context. Budgets and funding, only part of the problem mind you, have been the cause of closing down the Census Bureau’s Statistical Compendia unit and ostensibly of the Census Bureau’s recent plan to drop the question on “number of times married” from the American Community Survey (see the single sentence at the end of an otherwise harmless Federal Register notice of request for comments).

Social conservatives and others on the right/libertarian political spectrum have long worried about — if not outright feared — the collection of demographic and other statistics by the US government. So it should come as no surprise that there’s a new bill working its way through the US House of Representatives. H.R. 1638: Census Reform Act of 2013: The bill would eliminate the Census of Agriculture, the Economic Census, Census of Government, any mid-decade Census surveys, and any survey (including the American Community Survey) using survey sampling that does not tie directly to the decennial census of population. The Bill was introduced in the House by Jeff Duncan of South Carolina.

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