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Lunchtime listen: Dr Joel Weintraub “I found grandma … in the 1940 census”

Some of you may remember Dr. Joel Weintraub’s census talk at the 2012 ALA Annual conference in Anaheim, CA — complete w a fire alarm and sobbing librarians. Because of that immensely interesting talk, My colleague Kris Kasianovitz and I decided to invite Dr Weintraub to speak about the history of the US census at Stanford University. He came last week (Monday 2/4/13) and gave an amazingly informative talk on the United States Decennial Census Manuscripts aka Enumerators’ Notebooks, the history of the Census Questions, including controversial questions, undercounts, and truthfulness. For more on Dr Weintraub’s census work see his 1940 census site and his collaborative work with Steve Morse.

The talk was co-sponsored by Stanford University Library, SUL Government Information Librarians and the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRiSS).


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