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Most agencies have not updated their FOIA regulations to new standards

A government-wide Freedom of Information Act audit by the National Security Archive has found that sixty-two out of ninety-nine government agencies have not updated their FOIA regulations since US Attorney General Eric Holder issued his March 19, 2009 FOIA memorandum.

  • Outdated Agency Regs Undermine Freedom of Information, National Security Archive (December 4, 2012)

    Majority of Agencies Have Not Updated FOIA Rules to Meet Either Obama’s 2009 Order or Congress’s 2007 Law.

    Second Term Obama Opportunity to Direct Agencies to Adopt Regulations for Open Government.

    New National Security Archive Audit Covers 99 Federal Agencies, Previous Knight Open Government Surveys Showed Mixed Results

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  1. Mike White says:

    The linked National Security Archive page does not seem to allow comments, so I will add my comment here. The article states that: “One agency, the US Trade and Development Agency, explained that it does not even have FOIA regulations, because, bafflingly, it ‘currently does not have a Code of Federal Regulations chapter.'”

    I was skeptical of that claim, but it is true. USTDA does not have any published FOIA regulations issued in conformity with the Administrative Procedure Act. They simply have no regulations at all in the Code of Federal Regulations (http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=15c163f0482cf50717080f63a5d763e0&tpl=/agencylist.tpl#t).

    USTDA does publish a few documents in the Federal Register. You can view their Federal Register documents (since 1994) here:


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