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Vinton Cerf on Google, Government Information, Metadata, and more

The search continues, By Brad Grimes, Government Computer News (01/23/06) Vol. 25 No. 2.

This is an interview with Vinton Cerf, sometimes referred to as “the Father of the Internet” and who is now “Chief Internet Evangelist” for Google. In it, he says that Google has a “modest operation in the D.C. area” and that Google believes that a number of Google “enterprise program” services will be of interest to various government branches.

He also says that Google is working with the Library of Congress to make portions of its holdings accessible and more easily searchable and that “it is possible that Google can assist in making more information accessible through cooperative programs with the [government].”

With regard to recent discussion of “search” being able to replace metadata, he says:

Search has the remarkable property that it makes otherwise unstructured information discoverable. The addition of metadata can increase our ability to identify the most relevant information, relative to a given query and query context, so Google users will ultimately benefit from the availability of metadata. [Search and metadata] are not in conflict with each other.

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