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Video Blackout of Hearing on Budgets of GPO, LoC, GAO, CBO

The hearing on Tuesday (Feb 7, 2012) on budgets for the Library of Congress, the Government Printing Office, the Government Accountability Office, and the Congressional Budget Office is not expected to be webcast by the committee.

  • Video Blackout of Hearing on Budgets for Legislative Support Agencies, Daniel Schuman, Sunglight Foundation
    (Feb. 5, 2012).

    Only the House and Senate Legislative Appropriations Committees regularly hold annual public hearings on the workings of these agencies; the oversight committees (Committee on House Administration and Senate Rules) generally do not, and the Joint Committee on the Library and Joint Committee on Printing no longer holds substantive meetings in public.

    The new House rules require that all committees provide “audio and video coverage of each hearing or meeting” that “allows the public to easily listen … and view the proceedings” “to the maximum extent practicable.” All of the House committees have at least one hearing room that is equipped with a camera, and the House Recording Studio will provide a camera upon a committee’s request. Unfortunately, this hearing is being held in a room without a camera, and I’ve been informed that the Committee has not requested one.

Schuman notes that things could still change for Tuesday’s hearing — it could change rooms and could be webcast. He plans to attend it, and says he will post an update on the Sunlight Foundation blog if he can make it into the tiny room where the meeting is currently scheduled.

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