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JSTOR: 500,000+ Articles (6% of JSTOR Database) Now Free to Anyone in World

JSTOR has just announced that they’re beginning to rollout free GLOBAL access to more than 500,000 articles (from about 200 publications) published published prior to 1923 in the United States and prior to 1870 elsewhere.

We’ve just posted a number of links on INFOdocket that include:

1. Comments by Laura Brown, Managing Director of JSTOR, who talks about the program and DOES discuss the timing of the announcement given the recent Aaron Swartz news.

2. The Terms of Service

3. A One Page PDF With Links A Few Representative Articles Available

4. FAQ (Worth Reviewing)

5. Info Abt Where Users Might Be Able to Find Access to More of the Database (e.g. Public Libraries)


I realize that this might not be on topic but since JSTOR was recently mentioned on the FGI Blog so I thought I would post the news. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy new tools to share with friends.

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