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Social Security Administration Releases New iPhone App With Baby Name Info

You just never know when and when and where U.S. baby name info might be needed.

Now, iOS users who need the info can access SSA material using a new app.

In the past couple of days the Social Security Administration has introduced a new iPhone app (it should also work on iPad and iTouch devices) that provides access to 130 years of SSA info that you can browse or search.

A “surprise me” button is available and you can also shake the iOS device to get info about a random name.

According to the iTunes App Store here’s what the the free app includes:

+ “Browse or search over 130 years of baby name data — over 45,000 unique names!”

+ “Save your own favorite names list and share them on Facebook, Twitter, or via an email.”

+ “View baby name popularity trends”

+ “A Trivia game to test your baby name knowledge”

+ “View government-approved baby and family related services and information”

Direct to App Store:

-Gary Price and Shirl Kennedy
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