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Senate Anatomy Of Financial Collapse

It is not always clear to me if reports like this are centrally listed or cataloged anywhere and when or if or where they will end up in FDsys. This report is massive and important and seems worth listing here with links that may or may not last.

U.S. Senate. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

  • PSI Financial Crisis Report, “Senate Investigations Subcommittee Releases Levin-Coburn Report On the Financial Crisis” Press Release, (April 13, 2011) [PSIfinancialreportrelease041311.pdf] (PDF 86.2 KBs). (Another copy in HTML available at Committee Chairman Carl Levin’s website.

    Using their own words in documents subpoenaed by the Subcommittee, the report discloses how financial firms deliberately took advantage of their clients and investors, how credit rating agencies assigned AAA ratings to high risk securities, and how regulators sat on their hands instead of reining in the unsafe and unsound practices all around them. Rampant conflicts of interest are the threads that run through every chapter of this sordid story.

  • Wall Street And The Financial Crisis: Anatomy Of A Financial Collapse, Majority And Minority Staff Report (April 13, 2011) (PDF 5.7 MBs, 646pp). Another copy at Committee Chairman Carl Levin’s website.

Also see:

The People vs. Goldman Sachs, By Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, (May 26, 2011 issue)

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