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LOCKSS-USDOCS at Best Practices Exchange

I just got back from Best Practices Exchange 2010 (check out the growing list of available presentations and the twitter back channel!). It was a really solid conference — a healthy mix of archivists, documents and other librarians, and technologists having project-oriented presentations with a healthy dose of discussion. The cherry on top was the engaging keynote by the David Ferriero, the Archivist of the US (AOTUS) (here’s a good summary of AOTUS’ talk).

I was on a panel with Arlene Weible from OR State Library (Arlene gave a great talk on RAT, OSL’s tool for collecting state documents — I hope she posts her slides soon!) and presented about LOCKSS-USDOCS, the distributed documents preservation project. Take a look at the slides. We’re looking for other participant libraries so email me if your library is interested (jrjacobs AT stanford DOT edu).

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