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LOCKSS-USDOCS at Best Practices Exchange

I just got back from Best Practices Exchange 2010 (check out the growing list of available presentations and the twitter back channel!). It was a really solid conference — a healthy mix of archivists, documents and other librarians, and technologists having project-oriented presentations with a healthy dose of discussion. The cherry on top was the engaging keynote by the David Ferriero, the Archivist of the US (AOTUS) (here’s a good summary of AOTUS’ talk).

I was on a panel with Arlene Weible from OR State Library (Arlene gave a great talk on RAT, OSL’s tool for collecting state documents — I hope she posts her slides soon!) and presented about LOCKSS-USDOCS, the distributed documents preservation project. Take a look at the slides. We’re looking for other participant libraries so email me if your library is interested (jrjacobs AT stanford DOT edu).

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  1. B Klein says:


    CENDI, FLICC, and FADGI are sponsoring a series of workshops on digitization of government information.

    The next one is scheduled for Thursday, October 7, 2010, 1:30-3:30 pm, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
    Webcast space is still available. (May be repeated in Jan 2011)

    Workshop #3: Before You Digitize – What Are the Legal Issues?
    What legal questions need to be considered when converting an item from paper to a digital form? There can be questions of copyright, rights and permissions, security classification, patentability, privacy, and personally identifiable information (PII). These questions apply whether you are scanning yourself, using a contractor or partnering with a private company. For each of these areas, there are no simple one sentence answers. It all depends on what the item is and what you are trying to do. Further these questions are ones you need to review for each digitization project.

  2. jrjacobs says:

    Thanks for the tip on this upcoming webcast. It’s an intriguing topic given that most people (myself included) think that the rights issue concerning govt documents is approaching zero given their public domain status. I’ll definitely put this on my calendar. BTW, can I assume that the time is listed as Eastern Standard Time?

  3. BKlein says:

    Yes, that’s 1:30 Eastern Standard time. Although free, registration is required.

    Government information includes materials collected and donated so there are third party IP issues.
    As well as issues about Government works not subject to copyright published by third parties that claim copyright in the version they publish.
    And then there are all the legal and security requirements that folks need to be aware of when digitizing and before disseminating government information.

    We’ll be interested in your evaluation and comments.

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