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NASA is archiving its social media posts

NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration), is archiving its tweets, YouTube videos, photos on Flickr, and Facebook discussions using Archive-it.

  • Archiving NASA (Mar 5th, 2010) by NASA Images.

    Have you ever wondered what will happen to all of NASA’s tweets, YouTube videos, photos on Flickr, or Facebook discussions? How will you find them years after they’ve been posted? What about the massive amounts of content published on nasa.gov everyday? Will it be accessible 50 years from now?

    NASA Images has teamed up with Archive-It (also a service of The Internet Archive) to ensure that all of NASA’s online activity will be preserved for future research, curiosity, and enjoyment. We have started by archiving 54 of NASA’s Twitter streams. These 54 streams will be updated once a month, archiving every tweet from every stream. The next step is to archive nasa.gov, including all subdomains, and all of NASA’s social networking activity (YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Ustream, MySpace). Take a look at the beginning of our conservation efforts in the NASA Images Social Networking collection on Archive-it.

  • COLLECTION: NASA Social Networking. Archive-it. 2009 – present (Videos Archived: 13,054 videos).
  • Archiving NASA’s social media. by Phil Plait Discovery Magazine Blog (March 21st, 2010).

See also: more NASA materials at Archive-it.

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