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Aimee and James Quinn: bloggers of the month for August, 2009

James and Aimée Quinn are both librarians who share a love of cats, books, movies, coffee, dogs, exploring new places (especially libraries) and technology although James is much more tech savvy than Aimée. Both work with the Humane Societies to fight for animal rights. Aimée is a librarian at the University of New Mexico, Parish Memorial Library. She served on a variety of ALA committees, task forces, discussion groups, etc. related to government information, permanent public access to government information, rare & valuable government publications (yes they really do exist) and government literacy. Aimée is an assistant editor of the international journal, Government Information Quarterly.

After working in academic law libraries for over 25 years, James, along with Matthew Wright, co-founded the Library Underground. He now works with Chris Zammarelli (another of our guest bloggers!) to maintain the site. James is an anti-nuke/environmental activist who also serves as the list owner for an international anti-nuclear discussion group. These activities coupled with associating with librarians makes him a dangerous peacenik.

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