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Guide of the Week: Treaty Research

Treaties exist between many nations on many subjects. From mutual defense to copyright to exchanging meteorological data, chances are there is at least one treaty between at least two nations on almost any subject you can think of. This week’s Guide of the Week will help you navigate this crowded field:

Treaty Research: Sources and Tips (Debbi Schaubman, Michigan State University, 1999) Last updated 10/27/2006 by Terri Miller.

This guide aims to be a starting point for the most important sources to treaty finding. It is divided into five sections:

  • General Bibliographies and Indexes: World Coverage
  • General Bibliographies and Indexes: Regional/National Coverage
  • Treaty Texts
  • Treaties between Native Americans and the United States or Canada
  • Tips for Tracking Recent Treaties and Treaty Actions

Some of the resources include:

In addition to Terri’s guide, there are currently at least six other guides on international treaties. Explore them all at http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/Exchange_Subject_T#Treaties.

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