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Lunchtime listen: Tim Berners-Lee on government data

I just read Tim Berners-Lee‘s notes on putting government data online. I must say, when TBL describes it, it sounds like a piece of cake 🙂 The key seems to be the use of linked data. It’s a snap; let’s do it! RAW DATA NOW!!

Footnote: Do’s and Don’ts

* Do pick URIs which are likely to be persistent
* Do put RDF metadata giving the license.
* Do use the RDF and SPARQL standards
* Make sure your human readable pages are accessible.

* Do NOT hide data files inside zip files unless they are also available directly.
* Do NOT put data up in proprietary formats.
* Do NOT wait until you have a complete schema or ontology to publish data.
* Do NOT seek to replace existing data systems.

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